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Buildings built on Nullahs in E11 to be demolished.

Buildings built on Nullahs in E11 to be demolished.Score 80%Score 80%

Buildings built on Nullahs in E11 to be demolished.

There was a meeting of the federal cabinet on Tuesday. Even though they did not discuss the unregulated E-11 area, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Ali Nawaz Awan brought it up. He stated that buildings built on the right of way of drains in the sector would be demolished.

The cabinet was intended to decide the fate of the unregulated sector. However, the summary in this regard was withdrawn by the relevant ministry.

Mr. Awan is the prime minister’s assistant for CDA matters. He told a press conference at the Press Information Department (PID) that all buildings built on the right of nullahs in E-11 would be demolished.

He claimed that a housing society had lowered the width of nullahs in the sector from 40ft to 18ft with the CDA’s authorization. After narrowing the drain, they dug out the commercial and residential plots. Due to the narrowed nullah, E-11/2 experienced urban flooding last month. The occurrence took the lives of a woman and her child.

According to the SAPM, the nullah had the right of way of roughly 100 feet before entering E-11. However, this was reduced to 18 feet after it reached the sector. As a result, three investigations were launched soon after the incident.

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Furthermore, they discussed that the entire city faced no flooding. Only the E-11 side was flooded. Finally, he said that the CDA had allowed the nullah to be narrowed and covered in 2012.

A deputy director objected to the permission. Even so, it was granted by the member of planning. He subsequently passed it on to the town planner. He went on to say that those involved are facing charges.

The society had been negligent in clearing the nullah, which was its obligation.

Mr. Awan is also an MNA from Islamabad. He further stated that they would discuss the role of all responsible officers during the investigation.

In addition, he went on to say that they will create a regulatory framework for the entire city. Furthermore, they will lead the city’s development to several organizations such as the Cooperative Department of Islamabad, the CDA, and the civic agency.

Buildings built on nullahs would be demolished, and the developers’ losses recouped. In addition, the government employees implicated would be prosecuted.

Dozens of buildings (both residential and commercial) have been constructed on the right side of nullahs in E-11. In addition, the proprietors of high-rise apartment projects have also infringed upon nullahs.

The SAPM stated that a hydrological and infrastructural study would be conducted on housing developments and other structures.

Former president Ayub Khan exempted the Golra revenue estate (E-11, E-12, F-12, and D-12) from land acquisition.




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