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CDA Ready to Take Action against Illegal Brick Kilns

CDA Ready to Take Action against Illegal Brick Kilns

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced that the 58 kilns in H-16 and I-17 are illegal. CDA Director Land Afnan Alam wrote a report asking the Enforcement Directorate to proceed against them per the Industrial Relations Ordinance.

Due to the unlawful brick kilns, the director instructed a survey of brick kilns from the Enforcement Directorate that revenue officials must conduct.

Furthermore, the owners of the brick kilns received notices. After the third notice, Chaudhry Masood and the rest filed a petition before the Islamabad High Court (IHC). The petition required the civic agency to pay heed to the petitioners.

In addition, the CDA officials claim that under the IHC direction, the petitioners made an in-person representation to Director Land.

The petitioners voiced the point of view of the officials along with their counsel. Brick kilns in the sectors H-16 and I-17 were given notices under the specified area Restriction on Brick Kilns Regulations 1962.


After giving a proper hearing to petitioners, the director land stated that the brick kiln owners of H-16 and I-17 had a lot of time and opportunity to submit any previous authorization of CDA that they may have obtained through an application to the Director Land. Nonetheless, they have presented no such approval up till now.

Due to the absence of any approval from CDA, it is evident that these brick kilns have been functioning illegally, and the directorate of enforcement should proceed with the Industrial Regulation Ordinance against them.

The Director Land has stated that he ordered the CDA’s revenue officials to support the Enforcement Directorate in proceeding according to the law against the brick kilns in these two sectors.

Sectors H-16 and I-17 have existed since 2008. However, the civic agency has yet to pay compensation to landowners to take complete possession of the land and begin the development of the sectors.

A few years ago, the civic agency decided to hand over the entire I-17 area to the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) to build a medical city with essential health facilities.

A senior officer from the civic agency stated that the brick kiln owners had been given a complete hearing by director Land, who later decided that all 58 brick kilns were operating illegally due to the court orders.

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