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CPEC to become an industrial hub

CPEC to become an industrial hub

According to the results of an official investigation, the development of Gwadar and its free zone has been delayed by plenty of roadblocks, and the centrepiece of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has yet to show even a glimmer of the promised industrial hub.

The Cabinet Committee on the CPEC commissioned the research, which proposes reviewing the Port Concessions Agreement with Chinese operators in order to resolve some of the biggest roadblocks to Gwadar’s growth.

Gwadar, which has long been advertised as the CPEC’s centrepiece, has yet to achieve the heights of expected industrial development that can serve as a spur for local and foreign investment,

The research showed that Gwadar has yet to even reveal its first glimmer of the expected industrial hub that may serve as a spur for domestic and global investment.

Although Pakistan had offered a substantial incentive package, the lack of business interest in the Gwadar Free Zone was

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