A college in Islamabad has been waiting to be functional for over 32 years. The government decided on Tuesday to make the said college operational as soon as possible. Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood directed the federal directorate of Education officials to call for a proposal within a week to avoid any further delay.

The minister of Education headed a meeting called for discussing the plan of making operational a college in Mera Bagwal Technical College. He also directed the ministry staff of FDE to finalize the proposal and asked for participants’ views about which type of Education should be offered in the college. Local MNAs Raja Khurram Shehzad Nawaz, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on CDA affairs Ali Nawaz Awan and Parliamentary Secretary Education Wajiha Qamar also attended the meeting.

The building would be only used for educational purposes, the meeting decided. Furthermore, the ministry issued a clear notification to search for vital proposals and ask surety about the early functionalization of the college.

The college is situated in Bhara Kahu’s Mera Bagwal area. In 2013 the college-building saw only one development by a public sector university during the past 32 years. Now, according to the decision, the building would be for boys as degree and technical college.

However, the meeting participants unanimously suggested starting the college classes in March and August 2022.