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FIA to Investigate Money-Scams in Road Construction

FIA to Investigate Money-Scams in Road Construction

Prime minister Imran Khan asked Federal Investigation Agency FIA to investigate money-scams in road construction. He tasked the FIA while delivering a speech in Islamabad and attending a groundbreaking ceremony for rehabilitation and up-gradation of Balochistan’s Jhaljao Road. Further, the prime minister said that the construction cost is cheaper than the cost in former governments.

Then, he added that the actual cost was very low for road construction. If there were no corruption in road construction, the government would have constructed more roads than they had done. However, he addressed a huge loss for a nation to promote corruption in the province. The provincial officials are responsible for the scam. Furthermore, the FIA would look into road construction since 2013 to find corrupt officials who had made huge amounts. After then, the government would take strict actions against them.

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