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ICT Administration to Take the Initiative for Launching Property Verification Centre

ICT Administration to Take the Initiative for Launching Property Verification Centre

Islamabad capital territory administration has decided to take the initiative for a property verification center to check the illegal and irregular sale and purchase of the property.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqat said that from now on, whoever wants to buy property can come and verify the status of the property. Further, he added that the verification office of the property would be launched next week.

 The step is taken to bring transparency in the real estate sector as lots of complaints have been filed in the last ten year about dealing of illegal and unregistered properties.  These complaints were about online filing websites, land sales to more than one person, fake and unlawful registration of plots and properties.

Even they filed complaints of some fake agent incited them to buy properties. The more crucial circumstances happened to overseas Pakistanis. They used to hire takers for their property in Pakistan, and those caretakers pretended to be owners of those properties and sold them on an illegal basis, which later caused them to regret. So, the launching of property verification would stop these kinds of frauds.

Furthermore, most frauds were made using online websites. Every commercial and residential property on the online website has shown written that CDA approves the property. The society has no approval, even if it is not included in the vicinity of the capital city. Some societies have committed many frauds with their clients. So, the verification office will also sort out this issue, and one can instantly know about the NOC status of the society and the property.

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