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Korean Companies are to Increase their Investment in Pakistan

Korean Companies are to Increase their Investment in Pakistan

Korean enterprises are pleased with Pakistan’s economic success. The Republic of Korea Suh Sang-Pyo Ambassador said that they want to extend partnership in hydropower projects and other areas.

Shaukat Tarin is the Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue. He briefed the ambassador on recent developments in the industrial sector and government initiatives to encourage businesses in various industries.

Moreover, the finance minister informed Ambassador Sang-Pyo on the government’s recent comprehensive efforts to stimulate industrialization, notably in the automotive and information technology industries.

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He also gave him an overview of the government’s short, medium, and long-term growth strategies in essential industries. Finally, he congratulated the ambassador on Korea’s USD 500 million investment in information technology, education, and healthcare programs.

The ultimate purpose of the country’s industrialization and foreign direct investment (FDI), according to Tarin, is to produce jobs, effective resource mobilization, and industrial advancement. He warmly welcomed Samsung to Pakistan. It is a Korean mobile phone manufacturer.

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