PM ready to launch an Overseas Pakistanis Housing Scheme.

Senator Faisal Javed is the chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting. He stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan would inaugurate a housing plan for Overseas Pakistanis on Friday.

He will introduce the Roshan Apna Ghar program for expatriates living in other countries.

In a statement from his Twitter account, the senator announced that the housing scheme would be launched in partnership with the State Bank of Pakistan and the Ministry of Finance.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Imran Khan will speak at a ceremony to commemorate the Roshan Digital Account, breaking the USD 2 billion barriers in just 11 months.

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He commended Pakistanis living abroad for their significant contribution to the success of the Roshan Digital Account project. He went on to say that the housing initiative would help expatriate Pakistanis with real estate investment and mortgage financing in Pakistan.

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