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Sindh Government Spent More than 458bn on Karachi Development in FY2021-22

Sindh Government Spent More than 458bn on Karachi Development in FY2021-22

Sindh government has done much for the development of Karachi and spent almost Rs458bn on the different development projects. However, the federal government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had done nothing for the city of Karachi.

Saeed Ghani, Sindh information and labor minister, remarked while addressing a news conference on Wednesday. He added that development works in Karachi in the past six or seven years by PPP are on the leading position. No other party can match or compete with them. Federal minister of information chaudhry Fawad Hussain was obliged to inform the folks about projects in Karachi. But he hid the information of the Rs1.1 trillion budget approved for Karachi projects.

Saeed Ghani further added that CM Murad Ali Shah intentionally denied the opportunity to speak at the recently held ceremony to perform the groundbreaking of the Karachi Circular Railway Project. Further, the government spent a total sum of Rs401bn on a different development project in Karachi under the mode of public-private partnership.

Many questions were raised when the federal information minister falsely claimed that the Sindh government had not spent a single piny on any of the projects, and the federal government had been spending Rs1.1 trillion on the Karachi development project. Then, Ghani informed the media that this misconception is for misguide the masses and inciting them against the provincial government.

He further said that the prime minister and chief minister should invite a meeting to discuss the matter and swipe away all the misconceptions between the federal government and provincial government.

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