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Ten Building Inspectors to blame for 800 unlawful constructions in CCB

Ten Building Inspectors to blame for 800 unlawful constructions in CCBScore 70%Score 70%

Ten Building Inspectors to blame for 800 unlawful constructions in CCB

The scandal involving ten building inspectors in the cantonment administration has been put on hold. It is because they could take no action against 800 unauthorized residential and commercial structures in various locations.

The cantonal administration had issued a warning claiming that unlawful buildings had been constructed in several regions with the help of building checkers.

Faisal Munir is the Cantonment Additional Chief Executive Officer (ACEO). After a detailed survey, Faisal Munir instructed the ten building checkers in charge of the building control to submit a written explanation about the 150 to 200 unauthorized buildings.

However, the scandal could not reach an important place due to the transfer of the AECO. His successors did not deal with it in his absence. Therefore, the duplicate checkers received the freedom to support the illegal construction. It leads to the construction of more unauthorized buildings.

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Saddar has only two historic grant buildings. The cantonment board halted work on these structures, however they have since been finished illegally.

They fired seven building checkers at Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) for failing to stop illegal constructions. As a result, the CCB appointed other officers in their place.

Engr Shafqat Hameed has been assigned to the construction of checkers. He will leave his post in two months.

Qaiser Mahmoud is the CCB spokesperson. He mentioned that superintendent Rana Saleem is investigating the unlawful construction controversy.

They will take action as soon as the investigation is done. Omer Farooq Ali Malik is the Cantonment Executive Officer (CEO). He said that there would be severe legal action against the government officials involved in the mayhem.




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